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New Gods Yang Jian (2022)

Watch Embracing Divinity: A Dive into New Gods: Yang Jian (2022) – Kisscartoon

Unveiling the Epic Tale of ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’

Prepare for a cinematic journey into a realm where gods and humans collide, where destinies are shaped by courage and resilience. Welcome to the universe of New Gods: Yang Jian (2022), an enthralling blend of mythology, action, and drama. This film, centered on the legendary figure Yang Jian, promises to engage, entertain, and inspire viewers.

An Ancient Hero Reimagined

Yang Jian, also known as Erlang Shen in Chinese mythology, is a revered figure famed for his bravery, loyalty, and divine powers. New Gods: Yang Jian reimagines this legendary character in a captivating narrative that explores his journey from a fearless warrior to a benevolent deity. Ready to delve into the mystic world of gods and heroes?

The Journey of Yang Jian

Without giving too much away, New Gods: Yang Jian presents an epic tale of heroism, sacrifice, and destiny. Facing formidable adversaries, battling inner demons, and grappling with his divine heritage, Yang Jian’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. But can he fulfill his destiny and become a true god?

NEW GODS: YANG JIAN | Official English Trailer

The Pantheon of Characters

Complementing the heroic figure of Yang Jian is a host of fascinating characters, each bringing their own complexities and intrigue to the story. The film expertly interweaves human emotion and celestial drama, making these deities feel close to our hearts despite their divine stature.

Visual Spectacle and Rousing Action

Prepare to be stunned by the film’s visual grandeur, from the celestial palaces to the mystical realms. The action sequences are meticulously crafted, adding thrill and intensity to Yang Jian’s adventure. From exhilarating battles to quieter moments of revelation, New Gods: Yang Jian keeps the audience riveted.

Why Watch ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’?

Whether you’re a fan of mythological tales, enjoy thrilling action sequences, or are intrigued by characters that grapple with their destinies, New Gods: Yang Jian has it all. With its compelling narrative, vivid visuals, and thought-provoking themes, this film is a must-watch in 2022!


New Gods: Yang Jian offers a captivating dive into a world of gods, heroes, and mythology. Its gripping narrative, compelling characters, and stunning visuals make it an unforgettable cinematic experience.


  • What is ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’ about?
  • New Gods: Yang Jian is a film that charts the journey of Yang Jian, a heroic figure in Chinese mythology, as he evolves from a warrior to a deity.
  • Where can I watch ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’?
  • You can check your local cinema listings for New Gods: Yang Jian. The film might also be available for streaming or purchase on platforms like Amazon, iTunes, or regional streaming services, depending on your location.
  • Who are the main characters in ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’?
  • The main character in New Gods: Yang Jian is Yang Jian, also known as Erlang Shen. The film also features a host of other characters from Chinese mythology.

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